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The Ultimate Thanksgiving Game with CASH prizes for your guests!


What better way to celebrate Thanksgiving than to give your friends and family a fun and hilarious game to play together? The fun of Thanksgiving doesn’t have to stop when bellies are full.

This ultimate game is really 5 games in 1 (say whaaat?). I know… it sounds like a lot of time and money to plan. But it really won’t take much to pull off this game. AND you have the flexibility to make this game work for you and your guests. This game is basically an awesome combo we thought up of 3 “minute to win it” type challenge games, trivia, and a spinoff of LRC.  Don’t worry, we will explain what all that means below.

First things first…here’s what you will need:

  • Cold hard cash
  • For the challenge games:
    • Timer
    • Sweet potato
    • Spoon
    • Whipped Cream
    • Pie Tin
    • Foam Paper
    • Printer Paper
    • Cereal Box (optional paint to decorate and really wow your guests)
  • For the trivia game:
    • Thanksgiving trivia (preferably multiple choice) – I recommend using these questions
  • For spinoff LRC:
    • Solo cups
    • Tissue paper
    • Rubber bands
    • Poster Board
    • Cut out instructions (this will be explained more below)


So now that you’ve got an idea of what you’ll need, let’s talk about how exactly to play.

You can go about the cash prize a few different ways (we promised flexibility, right?!).

  1. Host provides the cash for the prize pot
  2. Each guest puts a few dollars into the prize pot
  3. Skip the cash altogether – you could even do fake money and the player with the most fake bills at the end could win a gift card or smaller prize (link to inexpensive gift your guests will love post)

Since there are 3 challenge games, you will need at least 3 dollars per player. So if you have 8 players the total prize pot would be 24 dollars. Feel free to increase this number and put more money in the pot during the BIG EVENT.

The game will start with 3 challenge rounds. This will include 3 mini games. If a player successfully passes a challenge game they will get a dollar. This means a player can earn up to 3 dollars to start with in the BIG EVENT game. Pressures on, huh?

Here are the three mini challenge games my guest played. If you have another game in mind you could replace these games with any little challenges that would be fun for your guests.

Mini Challenge 1 – Roll Yam Roll

This one is played just like it sounds! A player uses their teeth to hold a metal spoon. Using the spoon, they have to roll a sweet potato from the start line to the finish line in under a minute.

This works best on hard word or tiled floor. We find it easiest to put two pieces of masking tape on the floor to mark the start and end lines. For extra fun…buy a really wonky potato that rolls any way but straight. If the player can roll the sweet potato from the start to the end in a minute (or whatever time you choose to set) they get their first dollar to use in the BIG EVENT!!

Mini Challenge 2 – Good for Three!

Of course Thanksgiving and football go hand in hand, so why not take it old school with a little paper football action. We made this goal post out of a cereal box. Here’s a link to show you how to make paper footballs.

Here players need to make a certain amount of field goals in a number of tries. You could do something like a player gets 10 tries to make 3 field goals. Test it out and see what will work for you. If the player can make the designated number of field goals…you guessed it…they get a dollar for the BIG EVENT!!

Mini Challenge 3 – Alphabet Pie

This one is going to get a little messy. What you will need to do is cut out letters from foam paper. The letters should spell out a 5 letter word that has something to do with Thanksgiving. You could use these three or think of your own.




Place the four letters of one of the words in the bottom of a pie tin, making sure they are spread out and scrambled up.

Then cover the words in whipped cream. Oh yes…you know where this is going. The players will use just their mouths to find the four letters and unscramble them to spell out the Thanksgiving themed word.

You could have several players go at a time if you have multiple words cut out and extra pie tins. If the player can find the letters and unscramble them in a minute, they get a dollar for the BIG EVENT!!

It’s time for the *drum roll please*


At this point players should have finished the mini challenges and have anywhere from 0 to 3 dollars. All the money that was not won in the mini challenges goes into the pot in the center of the table.

For the big event you will make a punch-a-cup game. You could always skip the punch-a-cup game and just have players draw the instructions from a hat. But who doesn’t want to punch-a-cup?!?!

Here’s an awesome explanation on how to make a punch-a-cup and it’s even fall themed.

Project Denneler

While making the punch-a-cup, you will want to place instructions inside each of the cups. You can print out the instructions here. Cut out the squares and place one in each of the cups.

Have everyone sit in a circle around the table. Start by asking one player a trivia question (find an awesome list of Thanksgiving trivia questions here). If they get the question right they get to…


**NOTE: It’s very important to say this really dramatically like you are on a game show. Even better if you can get every guest to chant it with you.

When they punch a cup, they will do whatever their instructions says to do. That could be putting a dollar into the pot, taking a dollar from their neighbor, passing 2 dollars to the left, etc. If a player doesn’t have the money to perform the instructions they will just skip what they are supposed to do or do as much as they can.

Example – if a player is instructed to pass 2 dollars to the left but only has 1, they will just pass their 1 dollar instead of skipping the card altogether.

The next player would then take a turn answering a trivia question. If a player gets the trivia question wrong, the next person gets a chance to answer. Since the questions are multiple choice with three choices, if two players give the wrong answer the next person automatically gets to PUNCH! THAT! CUP!

Play continues until all the cups have been punched or you run out of trivia questions. At this point…everyone gets to keep the money they have in their hand! This could be an awesome thing for some players and not so much for others.

The final part of the game is determining who will get the money left over in the pot. You could go about this one of two ways.

  1. Final jeopardy style – ask the final trivia question found at the bottom of the trivia page. All players write down their answers and the closest player to the correct year wins the pot!
  2. Lottery style – simply draw a name out of a hat to see who the pot will go to!

Hopefully you enjoy this game as much as our friends do. If people start trash talking during Thanksgiving trivia…then you know it’s going well.

Party on, friends.

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