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The Icebreaker Game You Can Play at Every Party


This icebreaker game is structured in a such a way that I have used to for EVERY single party I’ve ever hosted. Believe it or not, the guests never get tired of it. It’s designed so that it’s flexible enough to fit into any theme or event.

Here’s how it works:

Hide Items Around the Room

The game starts with a scavenger hunt. Before the party begins you will need to hide as many items around the party room as there are guests at the party. These items should coincide with your theme. This hunt for the items is not the main part of the game so don’t make your items too difficult to find. Each guest must search the room until every guest has found an item. For example, while hosting a friend’s birthday party I hid birthday cards around the room.

Attach Special Instructions to Each Item

Each item will have a piece of paper with a clue that either designates the name of a mini-game that will be played OR a party rule that the guest must follow for the remainder of the party. Once guests find their items and read their clues they will start to notice that there are two of every clue and that they’ve just been paired up.

Explaining the Clues

Have each guest stand next to their new partner as you begin to explain each clue one by one. Here are some generic ideas of clues you can attach to their cards:

Mini Games 

Think minute to win it games or games that can be played in less than 5 minutes. These games should be designed to embarrass or challenge the two contestants while entertaining the rest of your guests. I tend to choose eating contests (one year on Cinco De Mayo I did hot sauce roulette), timed challenges, or my personal favorite social media embarrassment. Depending on the holiday or event, I make two people every party go live on their choice of social media (Facebook, Instagram, or posting to their Snapchat story). They must do whatever is instructed with no explanations to their followers allowed. (For Valentine’s Day I made two people log onto their Facebook and read a Shakespeare poem). You can even make it really interesting by having prizes or punishments for the losers (one time I made the loser of a chugging contest at a Super Bowl Party wear a helmet for the rest of the party). Always remember to cater your games to the type of guests you’ll have at the party. If it’s a more classy event I wouldn’t suggest making anyone chug a soda and wear a football helmet.

Party Rules

I only put mini games on some of the items in order to keep the Ice Breaker game as a whole short. It should not eat away too much time at the party. On the rest of the items I put clues to party rules the pairs must follow for the rest of the party. (For Christmas I make two guests wear red noses all night long.). These can be wardrobe changes, personality changes, or physical changes. (For Baby Showers I take away two guests right to eat like an adult. Their clue says “baby fed” and they must ask people to feed them any snacks for the rest of the party.)

Hopefully this explanation of the mini games and party rules gives you a pretty good idea of things you can incorporate into your next party. They don’t all have to be embarrassing and dreadful. Some can be prize worthy, and some can be punishments. It’s all in the luck of the draw.

The goal is by the end of this icebreaker game your guests are smiling and laughing, and maybe even feeling slightly embarrassed. At least it is almost guaranteed to lighten the mood and take away from the awkward silence that the beginning of a party usually creates.

As always, party on friends!

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