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The Only Game Your Family Needs to Play this Thanksgiving: Family Feud Trivia Challenge


It’s time to channel your inner Steve Harvey and get ready to host one of the most fun and interactive trivia games for you and your family.

Are you stressed out about some of your family being in the same room this Thanksgiving? Or are you the complete opposite; are you SO thankful that all of your family gets to be under one roof this holiday season that you just want to find someway to make it unforgettable? Either way there seems to be only one solution: divide them into two teams and pin them against each other in the ultimate Family Feud showdown! Family Feud has stood the test of time and has been a fan favorite of game shows since the 70s. It hasn’t lost any traction over the years and is still arguably one of the more popular gameshows among some of America’s closest families like the Kardashian’s and Bachelor nation.

Like I said before, it’s time to channel your inner Steve Harvey and get ready to host one of the most fun and interactive trivia games for your family. No need to go out and survey 100 people, just follow these quick and easy steps. All you’ll need is a laptop, a TV, an HDMI cable, and a little bit of creative magic to give people an unforgettable game show experience right from their living room.

Step 1: How To Download the Game

This game can be played through a PowerPoint template complete with all of the bells and whistles you’ll need to imitate the show.

Option 1: The Blank Canvas

If you’ve still got plenty of time before the big day then considering downloading this free Family Feud PowerPoint template. It has all the functions, standard graphics and sound effects built in and ready to go. All you need to do is find some questions and put a Thanksgiving touch on the presentation! We recommend downloading the blank canvas option if you plan on using the template again and again for other occasions. Each time an event rolls around you can make another copy of this template and put your own special holiday touch on it!

FYI The powerpoint doesn’t keep score or feature a fast money round but we’ve created some clever ways to work around these issues without spending a dime! You can find instructions on how to reformat the powerpoint and play the game in Step 2.

Option 2: The Pre-Made Option

Are you facing crunch time panic as your Thanksgiving event comes down to the wire? Do you want all of the fun features of the game without any of the DIY hassle? Have no fear there’s a pre-made Thanksgiving Edition Family Feud game ready for download right here. As with most of our game ideas you’ll find on here, we’ve played this game dozens of times with our family so we decided to share the wealth and post the template we use every year.

Step 2: Create Your Own Fast Money

Unfortunately the Fast Money round would be nearly impossible to recreate in a PowerPoint setting. BUT obviously you can’t leave out the most fun part of the game! Here’s some options on how to play the Fast Money round and end your game with a bang! You probably won’t be giving out 20,000 dollars at the end but you can always find fun prizes to entice your teams with! And remember get creative, prizes never have to break the bank! Here’s a list of ideas for inexpensive prizes your guests will actually want.

How to create your own Fast Money round:

You can always make this a fun DIY experiment and test which way works best for you, or you can try my simple solution by following these steps t0 create a makeshift scoreboard that adds the points as you go!

  1. Think of questions that can be answered quickly (i.e. name something people do after finishing a Thanksgiving meal) and think of 3-5 top answers and assign them point values. (i.e. Take a nap-43 points Watch Football- 31 points Clean Up-16 Go Shopping-10)
  2. Write 5 questions down and make sure they can be read and understood quickly, practice makes perfect!
  3. Before the start of Fast Money round open an online calculator on the screen like this one, which will be used to calculate the points and create a quick score board.
  4. Read the questions and pay close attention to the answers of the contestant. After they are done read each of the questions back and announce what they gave as an answer. As you are saying the words “Survey says…” with great anticipation use your keyboard to enter in the point value and press the + key. (shift = key).
  5. Repeat this process for each question. Hitting the + key immediately after entering the point value will begin to add the points together and create a nice and easy score board!

Step 3: Print out the Question Cue Cards and Design Your Set

Once you have your powerpoint set up and your fast money questions created you can print out the round questions on cue cards with their answers and point values as well as the fast money questions. Now it’s time to get the room set up and practice running through the questions so you are familiar with the answers and point values. The more you memorize each card, the easier hosting the game will be and you can focus on making your reactions as comical as Mr. Harvey. With that being said it’s always important to ensure there will be no technical difficulties the day of that leave you scrambling around before or during the game. Use this checklist to ensure everything is ready to go.

  1. Place your cards in order and make sure they aren’t see through!
  2. Divide the room in half so your family is on opposite sides of the room facing each other during the game.
  3. Make sure you have a center space in the middle of the room set up for the 1vs1 show down.
  4. Find a calculator and have it handy for adding points during the rounds and a stopwatch for Fast Money.
  5. Grab something to use as a scoreboard (preferably dry erase) that is easy for everyone in the room to read.

Step 4: Playing the Game

Once you have the game set up the play of the game should flow effortlessly like it does on TV.

  1. Fire up the PowerPoint and give a good introduction to your guests while explaining the rules of the game.
  2. Before you click to round 1’s slide call the first two people up from each team for the 1vs1 showdown. Click to the next slide and read the question. Refer to your cue cards for clicking on the correct answer slots or a red X for any wrong answer. Whoever gives the top answer gets to decide whether their team will play or pass.
  3. If a team chooses to play, the game proceeds down the team’s line in the order that they are sitting. Each team member will try to guess one of the top answers on the board. If the team manages to get 3 strikes before they clear the board the other team has a chance to steal the points.
  4. Stealing a round – once a team receives three strikes the other team has a chance to discuss amongst themselves on one answer they’d like to give. The spokesperson for that team gives the answer. If it’s on the board they steal all of the points accumulated in that round. If it’s not the team that earned the points initially gets to keep them.
  5. Repeat this process for every round calling the next person up for the 1vs1 showdown each time. How you choose to keep score during the rounds is up to you. You can double and triple the points like they do on TV. I have found that the game goes by very fast without commercial breaks thrown in there. I usually choose to not increase point values and play 5 rounds instead. The best score at the end of 5 rounds gets to go to Fast Money.
  6. At the end of however many rounds you created or if a team gets to a designated point value they will move on to Fast Money. Have that team choose two players to compete against the clock.
  7. During Fast Money, one teammate will wait in another room, unable to hear the game, until it’s their turn. Proceed to ask the first teammate a series of 5 questions in 20 seconds. They may pass a question and come back to it at the end but they may only answer each question once.
  8. Read the questions and answers back to the audience and announce to point values the player earned. Bring out the 2nd player and repeat the process for them. Allow 25 seconds on the clock for this player.
  9. If the team receives more than a total of 200 points combined they win!


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