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Cute Christmas Word Search Designs


Someone stop the madness! Why do all printable word searches look like they were ripped out of a children’s coloring book from the early 2000’s???

NEWS FLASH: The only thing that should be ugly at your Christmas party is the sweaters. These printable word searches are fun, cute and basically anything but black, white, and boring.

Say so long to the cheesy graphics and Comic Sans font choices. Here are some show stopping word searches that are available as an instant digital download on Etsy.

At only 1.99 for a two pack digital download, it’ll be nearly impossible to find another DIY game on Pinterest that will only cost you 2 bucks.

How about a reindeer themed puzzle? Thought that naming all 9 reindeer was a hard challenge? Well try finding them in a bunch of jumbled letters!

This dazzling red word search will be the star of your party. Fun fact, white on red is one of the hardest color combinations to read so this puzzle should be a real challenge for your guests!

This puzzle will definitely has a more grown-up feel than 99% of puzzles you’ll find on the internet. Keep things sophisticated by adding this to your holiday get together.

Don’t want your guests spending all night working on a puzzle? This design has bold letters and a smaller combination to keep things moving quick. This is great for a speed contest to start your party off right.

This puzzle is a fun shaped search that you don’t see every day. Perfect for kids and adults this one is a bit more challenging than most and will surely keep your guests entertained for a while!

Keep things simple yet modern with this classic design. This monochromatic puzzle will match just about any kind of party decorations!

These last two puzzles are fun and paired together in a pack because they are vibrant, colorful, and designed for all ages! Interested in any of the puzzles you’ve seen so far? Click on a puzzle to get an instant digital download of any two puzzles!

I hope you found these puzzles to be cuter than any other one’s you would find in a Google search! Hopefully these fun printable puzzles will never lose popularity amongst the new wave of technology and electronic games. Thankfully, there’s millions of ways to have fun and keep your guests entertained and the list will never stop growing.

Party on, friends!


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