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Hilarious Christmas Icebreaker Game for All of Your Guests


Having a get together with your friends or family this Christmas? Well you’re in luck, this icebreaker game is perfect for your office Christmas party, a family get together, or a house party with your friends.

This icebreaker game can be played with anywhere from 6 to 600 people. If you're totally unfamiliar with the concept of this ice breaker game you can read this post to see how it's designed to fit any occasion.

Here's an example of how to play the Christmas Icebreaker Game:

This version is designed for a party of 12 guests not including you, the host. You can expand it to fit your guest list if need be.

Preparing for the game:

You will need one holiday item for each guest that will be attending. For example you can have 12 candy canes, 12 ornaments, or even 12 mini presents. I chose 12 candy canes.

Attach a piece of paper with instructions to each of the 12 items. These should be very generic and serve as a clue. This clue will match what the guest will be doing during the game. You need 2 of every clue so your guests can be paired up once they find the items. Here's what I attached to mine.

You can download my free Icebreaker Clue Cutouts by entering your email below.

  1. (2) Santa baby
  2. (2) Red nose
  3. (2) Elf on a shelf
  4. (2) Frosty The Snowman
  5. (2) Carol Queen/Carol King
  6. (2) You get coal

These may not make any sense right now, but keep reading to see what these clues mean.

Phase 1: The Scavenger Hunt

Start by hiding your items and their clues around the room. Don't hide them too well because this should be the easy part of the game. You don't want your guests searching for these items for the rest of the party. This is just an icebreaker after all.

When all your guests arrive and you're ready to officially kick off the party, gather your guests up and dismiss them to find the items.

Once all of the items have been found, pair the guests up by their matching items and explain what each of the clues mean.

Phase 2: The Mini-Games and Party Rules

Santa Baby

Darn it! This is no sexy Santa baby. The two guests who found this clue will be challenged to an unforgettable eating contest. They must each finish an entire jar of baby food. You can even have a punishment or a penalty in a future game for the loser. Try and go for Christmas spirit by picking red and green baby food flavors.

Red nose

The two guests will now know what it feels like to be poor little Rudolph for the rest of the party. Purchase a clown nose or must use a marker and color their noses red. They just keep this red nose on all night. The chances of them pulling it off as good as these celebrities is slim to none, but make sure to get pictures anyway!

Elf on a Shelf

These two guests will now double as a real life elf on a shelf. Yes, this comes from the same concept as the viral Craiglist ad where someone was offering this as a service. You can even go to Walmart or Target for a cheap elf ensemble for these guests. In order to play the part, these two guests must sit still for 30 minutes (or however long you deem necessary) at any point during the party. Make them sit on a table, counter, or any shelf like object. You can even add punishments or penalties in future games if they move.

Frosty the Snowman

Turn these guests into Frosty himself! For this mini game you'll need a dice. Have each one of the pair roll a dice. For however many they roll they must put that many ice cubs either down their shirt or down their pants until it melts. You can even have them sing along to the Frosty song. In the meantime, you and your guests can point and laugh as your Frosty pair melts away into a large and embarrassing puddle. If Jimmy Fallon and Chris Evans can pour ice water down each other’s pants, so can you and your guests!

Carol King & Queen

Lights camera action! This pair is now the star of their social media feeds. Pick a Christmas carol and each one of the pair must go live either on Facebook, Instagram, or post a Snapchat story of them singing a Christmas carol. No explanations allowed, just record the carol and log off! Who knows maybe they'll go viral!

You Get Coal

Unfortunately these two guests found coal. This is by far the worst clue to find and don't be afraid to let your guests know that. These guests must wear a giant trash bag over their outfit for the remainder of the night. Make it even worse by making them put on black lipstick and black eye shadow. Really go all out making them look like a lump of coal. The best part is, this will do a great job of covering up their ugly Christmas sweater! It’s a two-for-one kind of win.

Hopefully after this scavenger hunt is all said and done your guests will be warmed up and ready to keep partying! Remember this game is 100% customizable so go ahead and think of some of your own clues and activities for your pairs to do! Comment below if you think of something that should make this list!

Party on, friends!

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