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A Christmas Candy Stealing Game for the Grinch in All of Us


Do your friends and family members LOVE candy? I’m talking lots of candy!

If so, this is the game for you. Have everyone bring their sweet tooth and A+ short term memory for a game that is sure to have everyone on their toes.

Here’s what you will need to play:

  • 2 Decks of Playing Cards
  • Bags of Christmas Candy (the more the better, but we typically do two bags per player)


Place all bags of candy in the center of the table and have all players sit around the table. Shuffle both decks of cards separately (DO NOT mix the two decks).


Start out by dealing out one (and only one) entire deck of cards. Make sure all players have the same amount of playing cards. If there are extra cards, you can simply set those aside and skip them when they are drawn.

All players should take a minute and organize the cards they have in their hand to make them easy to look through. It is best to sort the cards by suit, but they can be placed in chronological order to make it even easier.

Pick a player to begin by taking a bag of candy from the center of the table. Going in a circle, have all players continue to take a bag of their choosing until all of the bags are taken. At any point in the game players may have more than one bag of candy!

**It is VERY important to make sure you watch what candy is being taken by whom!

It is OK for players to “hide” their candy by placing it on their lap or out of view of other players, as long as it is still in a reachable distance.

The host now draws a card from the deck of cards that was not dealt out and calls out the card. For instance, the host would call out “three of hearts”. Then all players would look through their hand of cards to see if they held a matching card to the hosts. The player that holds the card would them get to STEAL a bag of candy from anyone at the table.

The catch is they must correctly say the name of the candy they would like to steal and the person who currently has that candy. So they would say something along the lines of “I want to steal the M&Ms from Dylan!” If Dylan indeed does have the M&Ms, he has to give them to the player than is stealing them. If Dylan does not have the M&Ms, he would simply tell the player that he doesn’t have the M&Ms. The player that does actually have the M&Ms does not have to admit that they have them.

Have the host draw another card and the game will continue until no more cards are left in the second deck. At the end of the game, the players get to keep whichever candy they have in their candy!

The game can really take a turn depending on when a player’s cards are drawn and if players begin to forget who has different bags of candy!!

You can make the game really fun and competitive by adding gift cards to the mix (Starbucks or Chipotle, anyone?)

We hope you and your friends enjoy this simple game. Party on, friends.

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