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5 Fantastic Ways to Personalize Thanksgiving this Year


A personal touch makes everything better. Thanksgiving is a time to show those around you that you are thankful and blessed to have them in your life.

A great way to do that is through personalization this Thanksgiving. Showing your guests that you were thinking of them will mean the world to them. This will truly show friends and family that you are willing to take extra time to make the holiday special for everyone.

So without further ado, here are 5 fantastic ways to personalize Thanksgiving this year:

Place Cards

This is an obvious one! There are so many unique and creative ways to make place tags. There are a number of options that will fit the theme of any Thanksgiving. You have the option of printing or hand writing guests names. You can create stands, have cards, or use fall goodies like pumpkins and leaves to be all the more festive. This will help you stay organized and make sure everyone has a place at the table and will bring joy to your guests when they see their name and place at dinner. Here are beautiful name tag ideas that you will want to check out.

Thanksgiving Place CardsVia Fantabulosity

Thanksgiving Place CardsVia Elements of Style


All that Thanksgiving yumminess is bound to make everyone thirsty throughout the day. A great idea that will benefit both you and your guests is personalized drinkware. This will help you as a host because your guests won’t be constantly grabbing a new cup every time they can’t remember where they sat their drink. It will also help your guests keep track of their drinks as they move from the dessert table to the living room for football. These simple stickers are stylish and will keep things organized.

Thanksgiving Drink CupsVia The Idea Room

To-Go Containers

You know what’s more fun than right unders? Left overs! That’s right, this is debatably the best part of Thanksgiving. Your guests would absolutely love it if you shared some of the goodness with them. You can go above and beyond and give them personalized to-go containers. These containers are a great example of a little gift for you guests that they will love.

Thanksgiving To-Go ContainersVia Eighteen 25

Slideshow or Video

This may take some extra time and effort, but it surely won’t go unnoticed by your guests. You can reflect on things you have been blessed with over the past year. Highlight those around you that you are thankful for by putting together pictures and text that show how much they mean to you. Here are a few great ideas for slides to add to your deck (make sure to add lots of pictures and music).

  • Thankful for new additions… (any babies or newlyweds in the family?)
  • Thankful for fun memories… (vacation, concerts, parties, etc.)
  • Thankful for great accomplishments… (showcase graduations, new jobs)


Games of any kind are a great addition to Thanksgiving and will entertain all of your guests. Making them personal can be an easy, fun way to engage everyone at the holiday. You can pin your team against each other in this fun family feud Thanksgiving game. These DIY wishbones are a fun way to personalize Thanksgiving too. You can pair up guests and have them see who gets the larger end of the wishbone. Up the ante to make it a little more fun (clean up duty, maybe??).

Thanksgiving Wishbone GameVia Oh Happy Day


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